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We use state of the art equipment to provide high quality products.

Amada Astro Robotic Forming Cell

Amada Astro Robotic Forming Cell

The robot forms the part to a program developed offline. Parts are precisely positioned for forming which eliminates the variability of manual part manipulation. The formed features of some parts do not allow processing through this machine. Principally it is used for higher volume runs.
Amada Astro Robotic Forming Cell

Amada Vipros Turret Press Line

Material is stored in the tower on the right and presented to the press for blanking parts. After punching, the punched sheet is then offloaded on the other side of the press automatically. The production program runs sheets automatically until the entire production run is complete. The turret press uses a sequenced program of punch and die shapes to create the desired blank. The turret holds 78 unique tools that can be rotated 360 degrees to orient the punch correctly over the sheet.

The sheet is manipulated across a 50” x 120” table by material holders to present the sheet, at the correct location, to the punch and die set. The machine hits 300 times per minute. It sounds like a sewing machine when it’s running. It’s great for high volume runs and parts with a lot of holes. The laser makes about 1 hole per second. The turret makes 4 holes per second. So for hole intensive runs, we prefer to punch the part.

The machine is limited to 10 GA material so anything heavier goes on the laser. Unique hole shapes and large radii are also best done on the laser because there is no tooling cost.

Stop a Tower

The major difference between the Trumpf laser and the other 2 lasers is that it is fed by a Stopa Double Tower sheet steel handler. We store 30 different materials ready to be cut at any time. This eliminates the cost of handling material and makes all our raw material immediately available for quick runs. With 30 different materials always available, we are always ready to cut the latest designed part. We can preprogram a sequence of materials for lights out production during off shifts. We’re cutting parts Sunday night while the customer is snuggled up in bed.
Amada Astro Robotic Forming Cell

Trumpf 4030 Laser

This machine cuts 60” x 120” sheets of steel up to 1” thick. The laser is accurate to within +/-.005”. The advantages of laser blanking are the elimination of tooling costs and the ability to cut virtually any shape imaginable.
Amada Astro Robotic Forming Cell

Trumpf 4050 Laser with Twin Towers

Short Run Pro brings the production floor directly to the customer with capabilities including laser cutting of metal and steel, metal forming, breaking and machining of metal parts.

Part Nest

We program each unique part blank and then, at the laser or turret line just before blanking, we run the part program through a nesting program to group similar thickness parts together on the raw material sheet. We always try to nest customer parts to reduce scrap and run similar thickness parts together.

If you were buying 2 pieces of a bracket, you’d like to know your parts were being run in a production mode for cost optimization versus having a guy handle each one individually. Who knows, maybe your garage hook bracket will be running right next to a Dell server cabinet component.