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  • Granite Countertop Weight Calculator

    Granite Countertop Weight Calculator

  • Welcome to Short Run Pro's Countertop Weight Calculator page. This page is intended to assist users in determining the weight of their granite countertops. The results provided by this calculator are derived from the information you provide on your countertop's dimensions.

    Our engineers have developed this calculator to be of assistance to you in determining how much weight will be supported in your granite countertop installation. The calculations performed use the average density of granite (0.095 lbs/in^3). This is then applied to the data you enter and a total weight for your granite countertops is derived.

    This Granite Countertop Weight Calculator is specifically developed for Granite counters. The calculator should not be used for determining weights on other solid surface counters or countertops made from other materials. The calculator provides general weight results and is not intended to advise on specific countertop applications.

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    Length:  inches
    Depth:  inches
    Thickness*:  inches
    Additional Weight**:  pounds
    Short Run Pro provides this Granite Countertop Weight Calculator as a service to website users. As previously stated there are simplifications included in the calculations and therefore this service will not be able to calculate specific applications to exact accuracy. Calculations derived by use of this service may be used to determine granite countertop weights in general, but should not be relied upon in a user's specific application.
    Total Weight:  pounds

    *Standard countertop thicknesses are 0.75" and 1.25"
    **Additional Weight is significant weight that you expect to be on the counter aside from the counter itself (i.e., appliances, body weight, etc.)