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  • Metal Types of Coatings

    Typical Metal Coatings for Resistance to Rust

    Galvanized Steel Sheet

    Galvanized Steel Sheet
    • Carbon Steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides.
    • Helps protect against rust.
    • Lasered or cut edges (after galvanizing) are susceptible to rusting

    Zinc Plating

    Zinc Plating
    • Clean steel parts are immersed in a zinc salt solution and applied by an electric current.
    • Layer of pure zinc that ranges from a few microns to 15 microns.
    • Normally a shiny silver finish.
    • Not be considered decorative but it is effective in resisiting rust.

    Black Oxide

    Black Oxide
    • A conversion coating formed by a chemical reaction.
    • Adds an antique or flat black type look.
    • Will not flake; it is durable.
    • Resistant to galling and and does not show "white rust."

    Electrostatic Powder Painting

    Electrostatic Powder Coat Paint Colors:

    BeigeFlat BlackGlass White

    Mouse Over the colors to see powder paint colors

    Electrostatic Powder coating is the technique of applying a dry paint to a part. This is normally done by a spray gun and an electrostatic charge applied to the part. The part is then placed in an oven and the power particles melt and coalesce to adhere to the part as a film.

    The benefits of powder paint is that because of the electrostatic charge of the paint there is a very effective coverage of the part even into cracks and bends where a wet paint might not reach. Powder paint is a tough, abrasion resistant finish which is great for outdoor use. Short Run Pro has its own powder paint capabilities.

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