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Skewable Angle Bracket LBRKT-18GS-53307
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Product Specifications
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ProductType:L Bracket 
A Degrees: 90.0 
Unit Of
W1 : 6.375 
L1 : 1.625 
Flange 1 Number Of Holes:
L2 : 2.25 
W2 : 6.375 
Flange 2 Number Of Holes:
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Product Description:  
Product Uses:  
Material Type: Galvanized Steel 
Material Size: 18GA 0.0478" 1.25mm 
Estimated Weight (lbs): 0.334878 
Skewable Angle Bracket LBRKT-18GS-53307 SKU: 53307
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Product Descriptions
Product Description: Skewable angle bracket.  1.625 x 2.25 x 6.375 L bracket with 5 slots on flange 1 and 9 slots on flange 2.
Product Uses: Skewable angles. Field adjustable 0 to 135 degrees (one time adjustabiity).  The 18 ga galvanized construction is corrosion resistant and affords the user a heavy duty angle bracket.  Easy mounting using the holes provided either for nails or screws. An all purpose L bracket

All orders require a minium lead time of 2 weeks contact us if your order will be time-sensitive.
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