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A drawing service that can save you time and money. It’s simple, you send us a sketch and within 24-48 hours we send you a Solid Works 3D Model, 2D Engineering Drawing, JPEG, and CAD Conversion for $250.00 per drawing. All in 3 easy steps!

"The SRP drawing service is high quality, thorough, and fast -- great deal -- you guys have all my drawing business. Beats having to hire a guy with no experience out of college to draw my parts! Saved time and thousands of dollars this year using your service. Your drawing services are really the best - keep up the great work!"
Desmond - IM2 Corporation - Charlotte, NC

How Does It Work?

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STEP 1: Send us a drawing of any kind to our professional CAD designers. You can upload multiple files within your order on our website! We accept any file for our drawing services; engineering prints, scanned hand drawings, photocopies, outdated CAD drawings and even physical samples (physical samples require additional engineering fees).

Available Drawing Files (1MB maximum each):
.iges, .igs, .rpt, .dwg, .plt, .dxf, .sidprt, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .tiff

STEP 2: We will draw it within 24-48 hours and send an email notification when your drawing(s) are available for download from our website. Approve your drawings(s) or make changes and re-submit them.

STEP 3: Download your finished drawing! It’s that easy! You will receive drawings in the following formats:
.igs, .eprt, .pdf, and .jpg
Upload Your Files Now!

Drawing Files *.iges, *.igs, *.rpt, *.dwg, *.plt, *.dxf, *.sldprt
PDF *.pdf
Images *.jpg, *.gif, *.tif, *.tiff

Each file cannot exceed 1MB in size.
Once you have selected your files, please hit submit to upload them to your order. You will be taken to the shopping cart.

Drawing File #1:  
Drawing File #2:  

More information about ProDraw

Your customers are putting a greater demand on your business to rapidly prototype and revise products and at the same time lower cost. That is why companies are looking to Short Run Pro for an advantage by reducing product cost and lead-times. SRP offers outsourced CAD and drawing services that can handle a single piece or complete assemblies.

Outsourcing your CAD and drawing services to Short Run Pro allows you the opportunity to meet your customer demands for delivery by reducing design and drawing time and by supplementing your design and drafting group when large volume orders create a backlog in your system. Short Run Pro offers:

3D Modeling – We use Solid Works to provide a quality model of the part or product

2D Engineering Drawings – We can turn your sketch or idea into 2D drawings

Manual to CAD Conversion – Short Run Pro will convert your manual designs into 2D or 3D solid models.

Short Run Pro makes it easy to use our Pro Drawing feature to deliver quality drawings to you within 24-48 hours. All you have to do is upload a sketch drawing in any format and our CAD designers will create the necessary CAD drawings for you in the following formats: igs, eprt, pdf, and jpg. An email notification will be sent to let you know that your drawings are available for download from our website. You will have the ability to make drawing approvals to complete the order or reject the drawings and our CAD designers will correct them and return them to you.

Short Run Pro's drawing services are supplemented by our state of the art Virtek laser inspection machine. The Virtek is capable of taking any of your flat samples or part cross sections and accurately detailing the solid piece into a dxf file. We will then create all your drawings and solid models from this scanned part.

With this low cost and guaranteed quality, Short Run Pro's drawing services are the right fit for your drafting and engineering print requirements.
Our drawing services are supplemented by this state of the art Virtek laser inspection machine.