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Short Run Pro Metal Stamping

Stamping Machine
From preliminary design to final inspection, Short Run Pro has the capabilities to produce your precision metal stamping parts. Whether you have a single short run metal stamping order or millions of metal stamping pieces per year, the people and presses of Short Run Pro are eager to convert your vision into a metal stamping reality. Our extensive metal stamping capabilities feature a number of competitive advantages in part production including:
  • Metal Stamping at Competitive Pricing
  • Low and High Volume Metal Stamping Production
  • WelQuick Turnaround on Metal Stamping Prototypesding
  • Tapping
  • Metal Stamping Part Size and Material
Our investment in state of the art equipment, coil feed lines and set up reduction processes gives Short Run Pro Metal Stamping customers the cost competitiveness they need.

Short Run Pro has a variety of metal stamping presses ranging from 25 tons to 400 tons. We ship millions of metal stamping parts per year. In our metal stamping processes we use presses with modern servo feed coil lines for quick set up and accuracy.

We are not only a metal stamping house but have full fabrication capabilities and extensive expertise that allows us to generate a prototype part quickly for your review and approval.

Quality Metal Stamping

Metal Coil
Our metal stamping capabilities include parts as small as your fingertip to parts 8 feet long. We have a variety of metal stamping equipment and bed sizes and our in house expertise gives us the ability to supply your metal stamping parts - regardless of size. We do metal stamping in stainless, cold and hot rolled steel, aluminum, brass, copper and galvanized metals as well as other specialty type alloys.

Short Run Pro is an ISO 9001:2008 registered metal stamping supplier. Our state of the art inspection equipment gives us the ability to meet exacting tolerance standards every time on all your metal stamping parts.

Secondary Operations

  • Spot welding
  • Deburring, Tumbling
  • Welding
  • Tapping
  • Nut insertion
  • Assembly - including packaging and shipping

Short Run Pro has a full line of machining and fabrication services to meet any of your custom metal needs.