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Short Run Pro Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket Installation Guide


SRP Heavy Duty Shelf supports are designed to allow maximum leg room under Granite bar tops, granite islands, granite breakfast bars and other heavy shelf installations. The SRP Countertop brackets are designed for heavy loads and are built oversized to allow for heavy loading without obstructing space under countertop. The SRP countertop bracket design is the best support for safe and clean installations of heavy granite countertops. The wall mount of the SRP countertop bracket is meant for large lag screws or stud anchors to allow for secure wall support. The granite countertop should be glued to the top horizontal flange using premium contractor grade adhesive. SRP offers a professional Countertop Bracket Assembly Kit that can be purchased along with your countertop brackets. To view our kit click here.

Granite countertops such as islands and bar tops should have spans supported up to 4” from the end or edge of the shelf. Each span should be supported every stud location from 18” to 24” for granite up to 2” thick. For example: A 16” wide x 96” long x 1” thick open granite bar top will use the following SRP brackets: 6 pieces of 12” L-Brackets. The brackets will each be mounted to a stud (Stud mounted from shelf to floor) with three 3/8” diameter lag screws. If mounted into concrete masonry then it is important to use concrete bolt anchors or stud anchors. Click here to view our 12" Countertop Brackets.
As a general guideline countertops that are not overhanging or have side support are heavy loading situations for brackets.  In instances where the bracket is supporting the entire load of the countertop, gusset type brackets are highly recommended.  You can view gusseted type brackets offered by Short Run Pro in our gallery.

Another example: a 12” wide granite counter along a 6’ wall will use 4 each x 8” L-brackets. Click here to view our 8" Countertop Brackets.

Bracket Finish
SRP Brackets are supplied in a raw finish, Powder coat paint black, zinc plate or are available in stainless steel material. Stainless steel is recommended for outside use. Powder coat black finish is durable, more concealed and excellent for use in homes, retail and commercial installations. Raw finish is easily cleaned and painted by the purchaser to match your granite or wall colors.
To see further detail about material coatings, click here

This guide has been created to give Short Run Pro customers advise on installing granite or heavy shelf bracket supports. Each shelf material type and grade is different and this information is used as a guideline. Any specific loading characteristics such as live loads and impact loads are not calculated in this guide. This information is not meant to replace state regulations or local engineering practices.


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