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Tree House Bracket 91227
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Product Specifications
Special Note:Copied from 61250.  
ProductType:U Bracket 
A Degrees: 90.0 
B Degrees: 90.0 
Unit Of
L1: 11.5 
Flange 1 Number Of Holes:
L2: 4.25 
Max Width:
Flange 2 Number Of Holes:
Flange 3 Number Of Holes:
Customer Part Number:  
Engineering Notes:  
Product Description:  
Product Uses:  
Material Type: Cold Rolled Steel 
Material Size: 1/2 inch 12.4mm 
Estimated Weight (lbs): 8.82705 
Hole Details
Unit of Measure: Inches
Subpart 1 Hole 1 X: 2.5 Y: 1.5 Diameter: 0.75    
Tree House Bracket 91227 SKU: 91227
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Material Type:
Material Size:
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25 $22.24 $556.00
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Product Descriptions
Tree House Hanger Bracket
This bracket is used to hang supporting hangers for tree house.

All orders require a minium lead time of 2 weeks contact us if your order will be time-sensitive.
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