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Utility Shelf brackets to fit your needsShelf supports can be made to any dimension and holding capacity required by shelf bracket design.Short Run Pro manufacutures shelf brackets both in decorative and utility styles. Check out our utility style shelf bracket parts below or if you are looking for a more decorative shelf bracket view our decorative style shelf brackets (click here).
If you do not see the bracket that will fit your needs – please contact usor visit Pro Quote to design your custom desktop bracket.

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Shelf Bracket 4116
Product Description: Shelf Hanger L - bracket 10 Ga
Product Uses:  This bracket is designed for hanging shelves either attached to a wall or to a cabinet.  It is great for any type mounting need where a heavy duty L bracket is needed.  Made from heavy d...
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Shelf Bracket 52566
Product Description: Shelf Hanger Bracket.  This bracket is made of steel and used as a wood or metal shelf hanger.  The support can be used as a end hanger bracket or as a support under the shelf.

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Steel Shelf Bracket with Gusset 53285
Product Uses: The heavy angle with gusset promotes standardization and construction economy. The steel angle bracket is a versatile and useful part for numerous connecting, hanging and retaining applications. This steel shelf support combines those two attributes to create a versatile and str...
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Window Blind Mount Bracket - 53350
Simple Window Blind Mount Bracket
Angle bracket used to mount a window blind.
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Mounting Shelf Bracket 53458
Product Description: Mounting Angle Support 
Product Uses: This Shelf bracket can be used to support you specialty shaped shelves. The large surface of the shelf part provides a larger area coverage, perfect for supporting a semicircular shape like a home bar or desk. Holes are provided for this ...
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Shelf Support Bracket UBRKT-20CRS-53917
Product Description: U bracket with 11 reactangular holes and 2 circular holes with dia .15 .Shelf support bracket.
Product Uses: Book case strip.
U Bracket
A Degrees: 90.0
B Degrees: 90.0
Material Thickness: 20GA 0.0359" 0.9mm
Unit Of
Measure: Inches
Material Type: Cold Rolled Steel
L1: 0.25
Flange 1 Numb...
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Shelf Bracket 55816
Product Description: Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket - 4" x 8" made form 3/8" steel
Product Uses: Heavy Duty shelf bracket made form 3/8" steel to support wood shelves on wall
L Bracket
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Shelf Mounting Bracket 57474
Special Notes: None 
Product Type: L Bracket 
Product Uses: Shelf mounting brackets
Product Description: 11 ga L shelf mounting brackets - 6" x 4" with (3) holes on 6" flange and (2) holes on the 4" flange.  Holes are .15 diameter and countersunk for screws
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Shelf Guide Bracket 70631
Side Support Brackets to be used as Guides for shelves.
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20" x 10" HD Shelf Bracket 50721
Product Description: Shelf L brackets - 10" x 20" made form 1/2"
Product Uses:  The heavy duty 1/2"  L bracket is designed to be used support of shelving.  The bracket has mounting holes for easy assembly using screws or bolts.  This steel angle bracket can also be used for standard shelves mounted to walls.&nb...
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Shelf L Bracket 51104
Shelf L Brackets
This L bracket was designed for hanging shelves either attached to a wall or inside a cabinet.  It is perfect for your heavy duty mounting needs. 

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Shelf Bracket 51107
Product Description: Angle Bracket for shelf
Product Uses: This bracket is designed for hanging shelves either attached to a wall or to a cabinet.  It is great for any type mounting need where a heavy duty L bracket is needed.  Made from heavy duty...
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