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Wood Beam Connectors in use

Wood connector brackets and framing brackets can be custom designed using our online tool Pro Quote.Any connection can be produced by SRP including: timber brackets, wood connector brackets, framing brackets, joist brackets & joist connectors, iron beam connectors.SRP produces wood, iron and framing connectors for residential, industrial, and commercial to any specifications.Please contact usif you need assistance designing your specific framing connection.

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Stainless Steel Timber Frame Brackets 50732
Stainless Steel Timber Frame L Brackets
This stainless steel construction bracket is designed from 1/4" stainless to be used as a timber framing bracket....
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Stainless Steel Timber Frame Bracket 50738
Product Description: Stainless Steel Timber Support Brackets
Product Uses: This construction bracket is made out of stainless steel and used to support timbers.  The stainless metal used on these brackets allow for corrosion resistance in exterior uses.
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Construction Plate Bracket PLTBRKT-.357HRS-50949-4127
Product Description: Metal Support Plate 
Product Uses: Support granite overhang using the heavy duty 3/8" support construction brackets.  This steel part is useful in applications where heavy duty support is required but visible elements are not wanted.  This is a thick metal bracket.(More Info / Order)

Heavy Duty Bracket LBRKT-18SS-52623
Product Description: Heavy duty L bracket
Product Uses: wood connector.  The corrosion resistance of stainless steel makes this mounting bracket perfect for marine or outdoor use.  The angle bracket has easy mounting capabilities with holes provided.  (More Info / Order)

Angle Bracket LBRKT-7SS-53256
Product Description: Wood Connector 11 x 3 5/8 l bracket with 6 holes 1 on flange 1 and 5 on flange 2.And 1-1/2 bolts can be fit to this bracket.
Product Uses: Angle bracket ,wood connector. The steel angle bracket is a versatile and useful bracket for numerous connecting, hanging and retaining applications. ...
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Framing Angle Bracket LBRKT-18GS-53271
Product Description: Wood Connector 1.44 x 1.38 l bracket with 8 holes ,4 holes are on flange 1 and 4 holes are on flange 2 with 5/32 dia.The connector is die formed from 18 ga galvanized steel.8-8d x 1 1/2 nails are used.
Product Uses: Wood connector, secures great variety of connections. The steel angle bracket is a versatile and useful brack...
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Rigid Tie connector Bracket UBRKT-18GS-53334
Product Description: u bracket with 2 holes on flnage 1 ,3 holes on flange 2 and 2 holes on flange 3 having dia 0.171 and 0.25.
Product Uses: Rigid tie connector.  Connects 2 cross members together.  These galvanized steel angle brackets are useful for a number of applications where tools or components need mounted.(More Info / Order)

Steel Anti Twist Bracket 55610
Product Description: 11GA Steel Pan Bracket with 4 holes
Product Uses: This bracket is designed for use as a support to prevent twisting in a pair of 2 x 6 lumber. The 11 gauge steel provides good support strength and stability for this steel bracket.
Pan (3 Sided)
Engineering Notes: Weld pan flanges together
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Top Beam Mounting Bracket 57429
Product Type: 1/4" beam mounting bracket for mounting 6 x 6 posts to 2 x 4 cross beams
Product Uses: Top beam mounting bracket used for mounting 6 x 6 post to 2 x 4 cross members
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Connector Bracket HATBRKT-12SS-4181-52016
Product Description: Connector Bracket -12 ga Stainless
Product Uses: This stainless connector bracket can be used to connect any walls or partitions.  The Z type bracket would be attached to one side and to the opposite side of the attaching wall.  Made from stainless steel is it perfect for outdoor use or environments requiring...
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Surface Mounting Bracket - 53022
4.35 x 4.35 x 5.5 I-Beam Mounting Bracket
Steel I-beam bracket for use on existing I-Beams for mounting - DIN and NEMA (single gang) hole spacing as mounting bracket for select surface mount boxes and face plates - in industrial facilities.
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Cross Bracket
This is a custom cross bracket for affixing beams which cross each other.
Material: 12 GA galv
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