Frequently asked questions

Short Run Pro needs to create a drawing of every part so that we can correctly program, and subsequently produce, those parts. Also, this drawing, in addition to helping our programmers, provides the customer with an engineered drawing in various formats. A small drawing fee will be added to new parts to cover the cost of the drawing process.

No. Drawings are the normal procedure in the creation of a new part. You will receive drawings of your part for approval purposes before production commence.

Generally drawings are finished within 24 hours of submission.

At Short Run Pro we strive to ensure that the part we produce for our required approval help us to accomplish this goal. The customer’s approval of the part drawings gives both Short Run Pro and the customer the assurance that the part will be produced as desired. We attempt to make the drawing approval process as easy as possible. As always, if an SRP representative can be of service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Phone – (877) 829-9293 E-mail -

Hot Rolled Steel Cold RS Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum
Cost Least Least Medium Most Most
Available Thickness 20 GA - 1/2 inch 20 GA - 1/2 inch 20 GA - 1/2 inch 20 GA - 1/4 inch .03 mm - 1/4 inch
Corrosion susceptible susceptible resistant proof resistant
Strength strong strong strong strong medium
Weight heavy heavy heavy heavy light

The only difference between Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled steel is in the production. I could go on, but it gets pretty technical and boring from there. The bottom line is that they have the same chemical and physical characteristics so, essentially, you’re getting the same material either way. However, cold rolled steel is the more widely used steel.

Due to the custom nature of most of our business, we cannot guarantee that every bracket made can support a specific amount of weight. If your application requires a specific capacity load that is needed, SRP suggests that you consult a design engineer onsite.

This is our normal answer - 18 gauge is thin, 12 gauge is regular, ¼ inch is thick.

For those of you who are in need of more info than that. 

22 gauge - .075mm - 0.0299”
20 gauge - .9mm - 0.0359”
18 gauge - 1.25mm - 0.0478”
16 gauge - 1.5mm - 0.0598” – approximately 1/16th of an inch
14 gauge - 2.0mm - 0.0747”
13 gauge - 2.25mm - 0.0879”
12 gauge - 2.5mm - 0.1046”
11 gauge - 3.0mm - 0.1196” – approximately 1/8th of an inch
10 gauge - 3.5mm - 0.1345"
7 gauge - 4.5mm - 0.1793”
¼ inch - 6mm
3/8 inch - 9mm
½ inch - 12.4mm

  • Electrostatic Powder coating is the technique of applying a dry paint to a part. This is normally done by a spray gun and an electrostatic charge applied to the part. The part is then placed in an oven and the power particles melt and coalesce to adhere to the part as a film.

    The benefits of powder paint is that because of the electrostatic charge of the paint there is a very effective coverage of the part even into cracks and bends where a wet paint might not reach. Powder paint is a tough, abrasion resistant finish which is great for outdoor use. Short Run Pro has its own powder paint capabilities.

    Custom colors available. Call: (877) 829-9293.
  • Short Run Pro utilizes the highest quality wet paint systems for total coverage of brackets and parts. All parts are cleaned and a tough industrial primer is added to the part. The highest grade paints (considered automotive grade quality) are then spray painted onto the part over the dried primer. The result is a tough durable finish that will last.
  • Zinc Plating
    Zinc Plating
    • Clean steel parts are immersed in a zinc salt solution and applied by an electric current.
    • Layer of pure zinc that ranges from a few microns to 15 microns.
    • Normally a shiny silver finish.
    • Not be considered decorative but it is effective in resisiting rust.
  • Black Oxide
    Black Oxide
    • A conversion coating formed by a chemical reaction.
    • Adds an antique or flat black type look.
    • Will not flake; it is durable.
    • Resistant to galling and and does not show "white rust."
  • In addition to our standard finishes above, we provide custom finishes in both wet paint and electrostatic powder coat paint at an additional cost.
    Minimum Cost-
    • Wet paint - $245.00
    • Electrostatic powder coat paint - $245.00. However, for large orders electrostatic painting becomes cheaper than wet.
    • Zinc Plating - $120.00
    • Black Oxide - $120.00
  • Factoids
    • Electrostatic powder coat paint is more durable than wet paint.
    • All of our finishes are resisters of corrosion and rust.
    • Aluminum normally isnt painted, but may be painted on customers request. Stainless Steel and Galvinized steel cant be painted
    • All stainless steel comes in a brushed finished. It doesnt have a shiny or mirror-like finish. Its finish is closer to a matte..

If the customer wants to, they can custom finish the parts onsite. For small quantity orders, this is often less expensive than our finishing services. We recommend using any type of anti-rust metal paint.

We accept these credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. 

For larger orders and customers who would like to set up an account. Short Run Pro will run a credit check from their information and standard terms on an account is 30 days.

Timing of the quote is affected by the complexity of the part. Standard shapes can be quoted immediately using our online *quoting system *. More complex parts that cannot be quoted using our design system will take more time. We attempt to quote all jobs within 24 hours of receipt of request.

Short Run pro does provide prototyping services. However, they are done at a single piece order basis. We cannot provide a prototype at no charge. If a sample is desired, the customer will be required to order the part at the single piece price.

Short Run Pro can ship parts using standard UPS Ground, UPS Overnight, and Freight services. We can also ship parts collect on a customer’s account if desired. Smaller orders will be shipped via UPS ground. Pallet sized or heavy weight shipments will be shipped via select freight carriers.

Short Run Pro’s headquarters, administration, and sales is located in Belmont, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte. Production is done at multiple facilities located throughout the Midwest.

Short Run Pro utilizes production facilities that are, in most instances, ISO 9001:2008 certified. All Short Run Pro facilities utilize internal quality procedures that assure production of the quality products our customers demand.