Texas / Florida Strong: Hurricane Relief September 2017

Posted on10/10/2017 3447

Texas Tennessee Hurricane Relief Banner

The impact of hurricanes Harvey and Irma was felt personally here in North Carolina through staff members whose families were evacuated due to flooding from the storms.  Like the rest of America we could only watch and pray as the people of Texas and Florida where devastated by the fury of the hurricanes.  But once the call went out for help our outstanding staff got to work converting our planned company wide picnic into a Texas and Florida Strong event to raise funds and goods to be sent to help the people affected by the hurricanes.

We teamed up with other local companies such as Slumpy's (www.Slumpys.com), Bisque Imports (www.BisqueImports.com) and a charity called eMite (www.eMite.org) to offer drop off locations for personal care, home goods and other needed items for the evacuees.  We collected donations and ran a car wash to raise funds.  It was a day to show our love to our fellow citizens and 2 truckloads of goods were shipped out including over 2000 gallons of water.