SRP Speciality Metals

Short Run Pro is capable of producing parts from any number of different materials and products. Our standard metals are Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum, however, along with these metals Short Run Pro uses the following materials for the right application:

Expanded metal 

Expanded Metal is actually a class of material that is rigid, non raveling and has been slit and expanded. In the process the expanded metal will lose 80% of its weight but still retain strength. Most people refer to expanded metal as a mesh. There are numerous applications but because of ventilation properties and visibility most application are for guarding of machinery and personnel. This material can be made form steel, galvanized, stainless or alloy steel. 

Short Run Pro carries, as a standard, flattened steel product of ½” #16 expanded. Flatten, expanded metal is a process where the metal is run through a mill to produce a flat and smooth surface. The ½” #16 flattened expanded is the industry standard for expanded metal and recommend in most any guarding application. 

If specialty material is needed, such as galvanized or smaller opening (1/4”), Short Run Pro can provide it upon request. Lead-time may be extended due to delivery. 

Diamond Plate, Tread Plate or Floor Plate 

All of the above are interchangeable names in the industry for a type of metal stock with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines. Diamond Plate usually refers to an aluminum product but Tread Plate and Floor Plate usually refers to a steel product. 

These products are typically used in stairs or catwalks in industrial areas. The added texture reduces risks of slipping and many times the tread plate is used to cover cutouts in floors where wiring may be passing. Diamond plate is also used in decorative applications such as garages or shops. Steel tread plate is usually thicker plate form 3/16” to ¾”. 

Perforated Material 

Again this is a classification of a broad range of materials that uses round, square, slotted or decorative perforations. This product is used primarily as screens, diffusers, guards, filters, and vents. 

Short Run Pro stocks a 14 ga 3/16-1/4 stagger steel perforated material. This is a general purpose material suitable for most applications. (3/16 describes the hole size and the ¼” describe the stagger from one row of holes to the next). There are numerous perforated configurations that are available.  


Lexan is commonly described as an acrylic but has properties that make it far more durable. Lexan can be a clear or colored plastic that can be lasered, drilled and punched unlike a Plexiglas and can even be formed. 

Short Run Pro has numerous sizes of Lexan available for applications such as covers.

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