Metal Spinning

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Metal Manufacturing - Metal Spinning Process

Short Run Pro provides metal manufacturing services to individual consumers and companies, large and small. Our metal manufacturing services are comprehensive and range from metal forming and fabrication to metal milling and machining. One of the most niche metal manufacturing processes that Short Run Pro provides is Metal Spinning. 

Metal Spinning, as known as spin forming or metal turning, is a process used to create metal cylindrical forms out of flat metal discs or tubes. The Metal Spinning process uses high speed rotation and tools for forming metal into symmetric metal parts.

Metal spinning is often considered an artisan process. While the hand spun metal part forming process does not produce a finished product with the precise tolerances of a CNC lathe, the hand spun metal part can provide that finished looked desired in aesthetics and decor settings. The precision of a CNC machine is used when required tolerances mandate a finished metal part will little variance. 

Hand Metal Spinning is used to produce products for architectural detail, lighting fixtures, home goods and other decor related products. Precision metal spinning is used for production of cone and other cylindrical shapes for the aerospace industries and air handling. The cost associated with the difference metal spinning processes will vary. 

Short Run Pro provides metal manufacturing with capabilities to form high tolerance and low tolerance spun metal parts. Our Metal Spinning services are performed to ISO certified production standards. Whether CNC Metal Spinning or Hand Metal Spinning is needed, Short Run Pro can provide the service and quality part desired. 

Contact us at 877-829-9293 to discuss your metal spinning part requirement or submit your part online via our RFQ Form.

As all Short Run Pro production services, our Metal Spinning services are provided by production facilities with the USA and by American workers. We keep it Made in the USA and we love doing it!