Metal Grinding in Fabrication

Metal Grinding in Metal Fabrication

Metal grinding is a process that is used extensively in metal fabrication. Metal grinding is most often a manual operation at job shops while large custom parts fabricators will automate through the use of finishing machines. Metal Grinding is used to finish off rough edges, deburr metal parts, smooth welds, create sharp edges and sometimes create unique finished looks like the jitterbug finish on a metal part. 

Manual metal grinding can be performed simply by using a file, but in most metal fabrication operations grinding is performed with a grinding machine. Metal grinding with a handheld grinder or a stationary grinding machine with industrial grinding wheels or belts are two forms of grinding in metal fabrication. A portable handheld grinder may be used instead of a grinding machine in hard to reach areas or when grinding larger metal parts that will not fit on a machine grinder.

Types of Metal Grinders

  • Belt Grinder
  • Bench Grinder
  • Cylinder Grinder
  • Surface Grinder
  • Bit Grinder
  • Jig Grinder

Cost Considerations with Metal Grinding

Grinding in metal fabrication is often a manual task that involves significant time in labor. The labor intensive nature of metal grinding tends to make it an expensive part of the fabrication process. Most finished metal parts require tasks such as deburring and smoothing of edges.  The costs associated with these common grinding operations are worked into the cost of the part automatically. However, if a part has large welds or requires significant edge treatment such as beveling, the cost of grinding will be calculated separately and will cause the part price to increase. 

It is important to understand the impact of grinding on a metal part fabrication. If grinding a part can be minimized it will beneficially lower the fabrication price of the metal part. Keep this in mind when in the design process of your metal part. If you are interested in getting a quote on our customer metal fabrication services, Submit Our RFQ Form Here.

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